Today, there are numerous opportunities for RNs to work from home. For example, RNs (registered nurses) can get remote jobs in legal consulting, telephone triage, nursing informatics, freelance content generation on nursing topics, and providing nurse education. These positions feature unique patient groups, job responsibilities, and educational demands.

Do you want to move from in-person care to remote tasks? Here are some job options to consider.  

What jobs can RNs do from home?

  1. Case Management 

Working in a case management position requires managing short- and long-term patient disability claims. Nurses must work with insurance companies, employers, and physicians to facilitate communication and ensure all parties comply with the requirements.  


Your main objective should be to organize funding and treatment to establish and reach a return-to-work arrangement. As a case manager, you will complete most of your tasks via email and phone. As a result, case management is an ideal remote position for skilled and accomplished nurses conversant with the healthcare sector.  


  1. Telephone Triage Nurse 

Engaged medical doctors and facilities usually manage triage through the phone. Doing so allows qualified nurses to talk to patients, evaluate their symptoms and recommend the proper approach before visiting the doctor for specialized health services.  


Triage nurses can provide relevant answers preventing unnecessary visits while ensuring support staff and healthcare experts focus on the visiting patients. The telephone triage structure is crucial to managing critical problems more effectively to facilitate the proper distribution of resources.  


Telephone triage nurses can work remotely and still play a crucial role in patient care. They offer valuable medical help to patients with various problems. Before working as a triage telephone nurse, you require nursing experience in a clinical environment. 


  1. Call Center Nurse 

Call center nurses are similar to their telephone triage counterparts. However, a call center role doesn’t call for extensive nursing experience. A remote call center nurse will be responsible for calling the relevant parties directly but can’t conduct patient care directly. While this role is primarily administrative, healthcare and medical companies often consider candidates with a medical background when hiring.  


  1. Freelance Nurse Writer 

Medical writing is a complex industry that needs a proper understanding of medical procedures and terminologies and excellent writing skills. Many nurses who are also passionate writers have adopted freelancing as the most appropriate remote work. This position also fulfills a crucial responsibility.  


The medical industry heavily relies on a vast range of properly researched materials commonly used by professionals and written and circulated to the public. Freelance nurse writers may compile press releases, journal articles, and promotional materials.  


Today, businesses rely highly on online stores and website content to promote their services and reach potential customers. A qualified medical writer can be integral in building a credible medical facility or drug manufacturer’s website content.  

  1. Legal Nurse Consultant 

Are you a nurse with a passion for the legal industry? If so, you may consider venturing into legal nurse consulting. These professionals collaborate with law professionals and help them in various situations like insurance extortion, malpractices, personal injury, criminal, and employee compensation cases.  


You may be required to handle medical research, assess medical and healthcare insurance claims, and apply your knowledge in the nursing and legal fields to offer guidance and choose professional medical witnesses. Legal nurse consultants may need to clarify and manage medical records and handle specific medical assessments for clients.  


By working in this position, you become a link between the legal and medical fields. Nurses can complete most of their responsibilities in this job over the phone, making it a flexible sector. To qualify for this position, nurses should have a BSN degree, but some employers demand an MSN degree and some experience in clinical practice.  

  1. Health Informatics 

This new healthcare department leverages technology to enhance patient care and improve the healthcare system. To develop the industry, Informatics seeks to establish innovative links between communication, technology, and healthcare systems.  


Graduate nurses interested in developing and applying advanced solutions to transform the system qualify for health informatics. This field constantly evolves, creating room for growth and allowing nurses to explore their interests.  


Health informaticists can be nursing consultants to offer a nurse’s viewpoint on new technological structures. They can help develop databases to track patient results or build computer programs to assist other healthcare professionals in serving patients better. Nurses require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for this position, but many employers seek master’s degree holders.  


As we’ve seen above, RNs looking for opportunities to transition to remote positions can work in various flexible and fulfilling industries. Remember, different employers have varying qualification demands before hiring remote nurses. Completing your nursing education and getting some experience is a crucial step toward actualizing your work-from-home dreams. 





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